Learn how to solve algorithmic problems
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Individual online classes with a tutor
Evolve your algorithmic thinking, so you can get award-winning positions at school competitions in IOI format.
Students and adults
Middle school and high-school students
Elementary school students
Learn basic programming principles using games, learn Python syntax and solve your first algorithmic problems.
Learn how to solve algorithmic problems for interviews at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon etc.
Coding games and Python basics
Algorithms in Python and C++
Algorithms in Python and C++
Award-winner of the National School Olympiad, bronze medalist of the ICPC World Finals, coach of three ICPC World Finals medalist teams, PhD in Computer Science.
Mikhail Rubinchik

SPGuide Founder
Many students on their way to studying algorithms expect fast growth and quick results. But the reality is that everyone moves at their own pace and the speed of each one depends on many factors. An intelligent but lazy student is likely to develop skills slower than an "average" but diligent student.

Studying algorithms is not a fast process, but it is a very interesting one, and it can surely be handled by motivated students. It is not just about competitions and achievements, but it is primarily about your ability to think, about your love for solving complex problems, about the community of cool and smart people and, of course, about your opportunities.
So join us and we will support you on your way.
Mikhail Rubinchik, SPGuide Founder
Weekly you can choose the convenient days and time for your classes and tell us about your preferences
in your personal chat on Telegram. Our schedule managers find a tutor for you, make a schedule and confirm it with you.
You are expected to have two-hour classes that consist of two parts.
The first part - work on the website. According to your level, you are offered problems that you may read and then solve.

The site monitors the timing, which helps not to linger too long over one problem, this skill is especially useful in all competitions and interviews.

This way you "warm up" before the class with a tutor and use the time as efficiently as possible.
Educational process
Class on the site
Class with a tutor
The second part - individual online class with a tutor. All our tutors have experience in algorithms. Together with a tutor you analyze the difficult parts you have encountered in problems during a class on the site, after that a tutor helps you "invent" the required theory, teaches you to write proper code and find bugs.
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